Karen Marie Dion’s life began just weeks before the assassination of JFK. The sense of trauma that gripped the nation during that time seemed to follow her into life. Her childhood was a toxic mess. She questioned it, tried to get away from it, and ultimately discovered how her parents’ feelings toward her really came about. 

Learning the truth about her life and realizing she was surrounded by dysfunction, Karen Marie sought to pioneer a healthier way of life. Her parents had many vices, including a religiosity that confused her, causing her to pursue authentic faith on her own. Championed by her grandmother’s love and unwavering support, she embarked upon a journey to understand, forgive, and heal. Later in life, Karen Marie found that the man she married had his own secrets and rages. Rather than live in a state of powerlessness, she sought to break the cycle of codependence she had inadvertently continued into adulthood. In Out of the Orchard: The True Story of Me, she shows you exactly how she realized the turmoil she was in and finally escaped. It’s a powerful story of the strength of a mother’s love—and a faith found in the darkest moments.

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Out of the Orchard: The True Story of Me

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